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Critterman Safari Guides
Now Booking Virtual Programs for Schools!
With many schools adjusting due to Covid19, finding engaging
and educational content for students is a challenge.
We can provide custom educational programs featuring our live Animal Ambassadors.
We can provide virtual programs for teachers to share with their students.
Option 1:
Choose from any of our Texas Wild or Rainforest Jewels Theme.
Features large animals not available for in person programs.
Texas Wild includes: prairie dog, ferret, opossum, owl, turkey vulture, and an American alligator.
Rainforest Jewels includes: tarantula, iguana, macaw, kinkajou, lemurs, python.
We pre-record just for your school, and provide a private YouTube link that can be
viewed by students from anywhere.  Choose any theme below.   $250 for 45 minutes.
Option 2:
Choose from any of our Mini Safaris below that we normally present in schools.
We can present via Zoom or other similar services of your choice.
Choose any theme below.   $175 for 40 minutes.
Teacher Resource materials and activities are available
for students to print and complete at home.

Today’s educators recognize the importance of relating curriculum to real life experiences. Creating an environment to nurture teachable moments. Experiences that bring classroom studies to life and have a lasting impact on a student’s desire to learn.

Our programs bring the TEKS to life by combining: amazing live Animals Ambassadors; lively presentation; a healthy dose of audience participation; and program-specific resource materials, filled with hands-on activities.

These programs are designed to complement existing science, social studies, language arts studies and inspiration for artistic exploration. Programs employ teaching strategies to excite students of different learning styles, presented by experienced professionals. Click to view TEKS we meet.

Upon request, we can incorporate content on Animal Welfare, Bullying Prevention, Emotional Learning, Social Learning, and more depending on what kids are currently learning about.

Display Setup

Choose the right theme for your studies. Works for both large and small audiences. Hands-on opportunities for small groups. Perfect for young children & special-needs students.

Our presentations are a great way to either kick-off or wrap-up animal study units (particularly “bug” & reptile units).

For the hands-on programs, we recommend keeping the group under 25 students for optimum participation.  The smaller the group, the more hands-on opportunities.

*Discount rates apply to programs presented back-to-back, same day, same location.

1 – $325     2 – $600    3 – $880     Library Day Rate – $1160

Display Setup

For School Carnivals and Book Fairs

There are 8 to 10 animals on display
in tanks, with signs. There are
opportunities to touch & learn.
  • Display Setup

    Whatever your event is, we can present our Safari Guide or Junior Safari programs as a display. The hourly rates for shows apply. There are discounts for multiple hours. We would require 3 to 4 tables, and a chair to be provided.  There are 8 to 10 animals on display in tanks, with signs. We have one or two animals that we have out for the crowd to meet.

    View animals typically in program.

Original Safari

A mix of animals from 6 continents.

Hissing Cockroach • Tortoise • Lizard
Legless Lizard
Tenrec • Large Constrictor
  • This is the one that started it all for Critterman Safari Guides.

    Popular with girls and boys of all ages. This program features animals from six of the seven continents and has something for everyone.

    View animals typically in program.

Squirm Factor Safari

Things that make you go ewwww!

Skink • Hissing Cockroach
Emperor Scorpion • Tarantula
Legless Lizard • Large Constrictor
  • Things that make you go Ewwwwww!

    Kids will learn  that animals don’t look that way they do to scare anyone, but simply to help them survive in the wild.

    View animals typically in program.

Texas Tails Safari

Meet your Texas neighbors.

Giant Toad • Texas Tortoise
Prairie Dog • Ferret
Kingsnake • American Alligator
Extra Furry Safari

Thins that make you go ooooh!

Sugar Glider • Prairie Dog
Turtle • Ferret • Tenrec • Rabbit

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