Critterman Safari Guides

Critterman Safari Guides has two programs available for travel outside the DFW Area for Schools.  If you are with an organization other than a school, please email us for a quote and available programs.

Travel fees not included unless for special scheduled visits.  Call (940) 365-9741 or email [email protected] for details or to help setup a special scheduled visit to your area.


Today’s educators recognize the importance of relating curriculum to real life experiences. Creating an environment to nurture teachable moments. Experiences that bring classroom studies to life and have a lasting impact on a student’s desire to learn. Our programs bring the TAKS to life by combining: amazing live Animals Ambassadors; lively presentation; a healthy dose of audience participation; and program-specific resource materials, filled with hands-on activities.

These programs are designed to complement existing science, social studies, language arts studies and inspiration for artistic exploration. Programs employ teaching strategies to excite students of different learning styles, presented by experienced professionals.

Upon request, we can incorporate content on Animal Welfare, Bullying Prevention, Emotional and Social Learning.

Ultimate Safaris

Ultimate Safaris are perfect for assemblies for all grade levels. These programs feature our largest animal ambassadors, and are perfect for a big crowd.

We suggest 350 to 400 students per program.

*Discount rates apply to programs
presented back-to-back, same day, same location.

2 – $855     3 – $1205     4 – $1710
Travel fee & hotel not Included. Call or Email for a quote.

Texas Safari

Travel back in time and meet truly wild Texans!
Perfect for Assemblies of 350 to 400 students!

Prairie Dog • Kingsnake • Opossum
American Alligator • Barn Owl • Turkey Vulture
  • Celebrate Independence Day, Texas Heritage, Native American Heritage, Thanksgiving & more!

    Never has been learning Texas History been this much fun. What was Texas like before settlers arrived? Which Lone Star native feasts on venomous snakes? Which animal tends the prairies like a proud gardener? Discover the answer to these questions and more!

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Global Safari

Meet animals from six of the seven continents.
Perfect for Assemblies of 350 to 400 students!

Opossum • Three Banded Armadillo • Tenrec
European Barn Owl • Blue Tongue Skink • Burmese Python
  • Celebrate Arbor Day, Earth Day, Cinco de Mayo & more!

    Explore the incredible diversity of New and Old World Rain Forests. Many things that we use everyday, from cinnamon to rubber, come from Rainforests around the world.  Discover how and why so many animals make their homes high in the canopy of the trees. Meet some of the amazing species we are helping to protect when we all practice the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle).

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