Critterman Retiring

It’s not easy to say goodbye, but after 31 years
Critterman is retiring from presenting programs
as of 9/1/2021. If you currently have a program booked, I will be honoring programs currently booked.

Thank you all that have allowed me to be a part of your school assemblies, special events, child’s birthday party, library reading clubs, scout meetings, VBS, and more.

I hope that I have passed along not just a fun time,
but the inspiration to be curious about
the world around us, and to want to protect it.

City & Corporate Events

Family Edutainment

Special Events, Fairs and Festivals. We provide engaging ,fun, and educational family entertainment that are sure to appeal to all ages.

Home School Groups

Bring the Zoo to You.

Fun & Educational! We can customize our program content to fit your studies. Our Live Animal Ambassadors make learning fun!

PARD & Summer Camps

Edutaining Year Round!

We've got a variety of
Positvely Wild programs to keep
your young charges captivated.

Religious Organizations

Camps, VBS, & More!

We can incorporate your
lessons into our programs that will
connect the audience to all Creation!


Reading Clubs & More!

We inspire readers with our
amazing animal ambassadors and
inspire them to pick up a book and READ!

Scouts & Youth Clubs

Learning is Fun!

Popular edutainment for Blue & Gold
banquets, Girl Scout over night
lock-in's, and scout summer camps.

Daycares & Preschools

Bring the Zoo to You!

Our programs meet state daycare standards, and are presented in a fun, educational, show-and-tell format.

Learning Differences

All Children are Special!

All children benefit from the variety of methods that we use to help them explore the amazing world of animals.


Connecting Children with the Natural World!

Positvely Wild programs to keep your young charges captivated.