Is your child a fan of:
Crikey! It’s the Irwins  *  The Zoo
Dora or Diego  *  Jack Hanna  *   Wild Kratts

We have worked with many of them, and want to share some of nature’s  amazing animals
with your family as a birthday party that is not only fun and educational, but truly impactful and memorable.

Live and Virtual Programs Available

Mini Safaris

Ideal for children 3 yrs. & up! Indoor entertainment. No mess.

Your Birthday child becomes an Assistant Safari Guide to take guests on Safari that is Positively Wild!

We use stories, skits, and plenty of audience participation. The birthday child receives a special birthday gift. Party guests receive a Safari Guide magnet.

“You made my son’s birthday party the best day of his life!”  –  Katy Henderson

Original Safari

Popular with boys and girls of all ages!

Tarantula • • Legless Lizard
Hissing Cockroach • Tortoise • Tenrec
Blue Tongued Skink • Large Python or Boa
  • This is the one that started it all for Critterman.

    Thanks to the Librarian that told him that his educational programs are so much fun, she invited him to her son’s 5th birthday for a Positively Wild Time!

    View animals typically in program.

Extra Furry Safari

More fur, less scales.

Arthropod • Land Tortoise • Tenrec
Ferret• Prairie Dog • Sugar Glider • Rabbit
Squirm Factor

Things that make you go Ewwwwww.....

Hissing Cockroach • Scorpion
Tarantula • Kingsnake • Lizard
Alligator • Large Python or Boa
  • Things that make you go Ewwwwww!

    Meet and learn about animals from around the world that can make you Squirm!
    We teach that these animals look the way to survive, not to scare anyone.

    View animals typically in program.

Texas Tails

Amazing animals that live right here in Texas!

Kingsnake • Giant Toad • Tarantula
Ferret • Prairie Dog • Tortoise • Alligator
  • Howdy Folks, Meet your Neighbors!

    Animals that are found here in Texas are as amazing as animals anywhere else in the world. These fellow Texans are sure to surprise and amaze.

    View animals typically in program.

Junior Safaris

For a Bigger Wow! Factor. Our Junior Safari programs feature some bigger animals than our Mini Safaris. Check out all of these great options.

“You put on an absolutely awesome show! Even parents that were going to leave their kids decided to stay and watch.”  –  Lee

Lonestar Junior Safari

Meet some amazing Lone Star natives!

Ferret • Prairie Dog
Kingsnake • Tortoise
Opossum • Barn Owl • Alligator
Rainforest Junior Safari

Animals from around the Globe!

Hissing Cockroach • Grey Parrot
Bird Eating Tarantula • Green Iguana
Tenrec • Kinkajou • Large Constrictor
  • Meet amazing animals from the Mexican,
    Central/South American, and Asian Rain Forests.

    Every animal has it’s job. Discover how forest dwellers are perfectly adapted to a life in and under the canopy.

    View animals typically in program.

Creepy Junior Safari

Meet Animals that Make People Squirm!

Bird Eating Tarantula • Scorpion
Three Banded Armadillo • Alligator
Legless Lizard • Barn Owl • Python
Furry Junior Safari

A Furry & Feathery option.

Three Banded Armadillo
Ferret • Prairie Dog • Rabbit
Sugar Glider • Tenrec • Barn Owl

“We wanted to thank you for creating a wonderful birthday memory for our bug and critter-loving Nate’s 5th birthday. You did a wonderful job with him and his friends. Your fun-loving, and knowledgeable attitude, not to mention your animals and bugs far exceeded our expectations!

We grin from ear to ear every time we watch the video…I know Nate will remember this experience the rest of his life! Thanks for creating such a wonderful time for us… keep up the good work!!”

Nate, Brian, & Shannon Welty

“You made my son’s birthday party the best day of his life!!”

Katy H., Birthday Child’s Mom

**Animal Edutainment reserves the right to make substitutions as deemed necessary.